Breeder Tutorial

Ordering DNA testing online via UC Davis

Please visit UC Davis/VGL Login.  If you have not established an account with UC Davis you will need to do this first.  Login to your account and click "Order Tests" (Step 1) to begin.


Step 2 - Check box beside "Registry Affiliation"

Step 3 - Check box beside "American Kunekune Pig Registry (AKB)" as your Primary Registry in order to receive the DNA discounted rate of $29.00 per test

Step 4 - Enter the date of birth for your litter

Step 5 - Select "Kunekune" for the breed


Step 6 - Enter the name of the first pig in the litter that you wish to test.  **Please reference your AKPR Litter Notification for this step**  NOTE:  If you do not have assigned herd book numbers, stop here and submit a litter notification to the AKPR in order to obtain these numbers FIRST.  Please follow AKPR protocol for the purpose of naming of pigs for DNA testing -- use a combination of your herd prefix plus the numeric portion of your herd book number for the particular animal you wish to test.  For example, if your herd prefix is "ABC" and the herd book number for the pig you wish to test is "AKPR 12345", then the temporary name of the pig for testing purposes should be "ABC 12345".  Please note:  AKPR will assign the official Bloodline Name and update the VGL DNA record with this information once DNA testing is complete and parentage has been confirmed,  "ABC 12345" will not be the animal's permanent name.

Step 7 - Enter the AKPR herd book number.  Using the example listed above, this would be "AKPR 12345"

Step 8 - Enter the sex of the pig

Step 9 - Enter the color of the pig

Step 10 - Enter the ID number for the pig.  Please note this field asks for microchip number but you can also enter the Tattoo Number, Ear Tag Number or Ear Notch Number depending on the form of identification that you are using.

Complete steps 6 - 10 for each additional pig from this litter that you wish to test.


Step 11A - Selecting sire and dam to test against.  If the sire and/or dam of your litter were produced and tested by another breeding program click "Enter Name + VGL Case #" which will require to you know specific information regarding the sire and dam.

Step 11B - Selecting sire and dam to test against.  If the sire and/or dam of your litter were produced and tested by yourself click "Search My Account" which will display a list of animals you have DNA tested and allow you to select the correct animal from a drop down list.


Step 12 - If you choose Step 11A - enter the official name of the sire in the "Animal Name" field

Step 13 - If you choose Step 11A - enter the official herd book number of the sire in the "Reg #" field

Step 14 - If you choose Step 11A - enter the VGL case number in the "Vgl Case #" field

**Repeat steps 12 - 14 for dam


Step 15 - Click the check box to accept "Terms & Conditions"

Step 16 - Save your order


Step 17 - You will now be taken to a screen which allows you to pay for your tests and complete your order, click "Proceed to Checkout"


Step 18 - Choose your preferred method of payment

Step 19 - Choose to either email or print your order, please note you will also be able to access your order from your UC Davis account.  This step will generate the paperwork which you must print and mail with your hair samples.


Step 20 - If you choose to pay online, please click "Pay Basket" to complete the payment


The following is the form that you will print to submit with hair samples, you may access this form from your email account if emailed to you or by logging into you UC Davis account.