What is an AKPR volunteer position: 

AKPR is seeking the talents and expertise of its esteemed Membership to form what will be affectionately called our "Member Board".  This voluntary board will be comprised of those who have come to the attention of our Board of Directors, seen as motivated and innovative, through their expressed interest or through the nomination of their peers.  The Member Board will be called on to provide valuable insight to what our membership wants and needs.  The "MB" will be our "eyes and ears" throughout the Kunekune Pig Community and will be given a voice and the opportunity to contribute to AKPR using their own very unique and personal talents.  If you believe that you have something to offer and seek to assist the AKPR in its future goals, please let us hear from you!

In addition to the Member Board, AKPR seeks the assistance of interested parties in the following:


*Historian - responsible to document through photos and written record all AKPR Sanctioned events and other information of interest to AKPR and its members.  This position requires a dedicated and self-motivated member who actively seeks the participation of other AKPR members in the promotion of the Kunekune Pig breed by creative and innovative means.

*Scheduler - responsible to assist the Board of Directors and others in the keeping of deadlines, appointments, and records.  This position requires a self-starter, one who is organized and detail-oriented.  The ability to keep matters confidential is of high priority.

*Blogger -responsible for periodic blogging related to the Kunekune Pig breed and AKPR seeking to gain further recognition for the Kunekune Pig breed, AKPR, and AKPR Registered Breeders.  Blogging has been shown to increase awareness at an exponential rate gaining notoriety and profit.

*Event Coordinator - responsible to track sanctioned events, provide requirements and promotional materials to applicants.  This position requires one of detail, organization, and promptness while assisting breeder members in the logistics of event planning and scheduling and show coordination.  This person will  be responsible to the acting Historian providing the needed data for record keeping and documentation of events.  

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